Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Day of Solitude urgently required.

This winter is kicking my ass by arranging for its wee minions to miss school days. As if the winter itself weren't entirely enough to destroy me, I must also experience severe cut-backs in the time I have available to DO STUFF, as in tasks that require more than five uninterrupted minutes to accomplish. After the last five days of household togetherness I might, if pressed,* admit to being a tiny bit edgy. Perhaps a smidge antisocial. Nothing to worry about. I'm searching craigslist for abandoned islands up for super-sale or barter due to the current economy, but everyone's doing that, right?** Begin to worry only if you see me muttering to myself about the government spy cameras in my breakfast cereal while wearing a foil-lined umbrella upside-down on my head to beam away the signals being sent from Skynet's weather-control system. Just a few hours of quiet time ought to hold that off nicely.

* ...and by pressed, I mean asked, or looked at, or even ignored completely...

** I am also willing to consider decently-preserved fortresses, keeps, and eyries.
Tags: weatherwoe, woman on the edge

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