Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

Well, heck.

I've gotten way out of the LJ habit recently. Sick children and project deadlines ate my spare time. I'm still working on a few things with deadlines, and happily so, because I find that I get more fiction written that way. LJ posts, not so much. I haven't been accomplishing a lot more than the following daily to-do list: read, write, attend to household stuff, make sure that small boys are where they're supposed to be, eat decent food, maintain moderate presentability, exercise (some days).

I doubt that my decision to take Omega-3 supplements is the stuff of which fascination is made, even if it has cured my dry eye problem. I'm just not in a time of rollicking exploits and fiery adventures, kiddos. But despite, or possibly because of, my mellow times around here, I'm making progress on some fiction that makes me happy, and that is good.

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