Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

I love Context, as both convention and concept

Over the last weekend of August, I went to one of my can't-miss conventions, Context, in Columbus, Ohio. Some of the friendliest, most interesting people I know are there every year, and I have more fun every time I go. This time I picked up some exciting work, too! I'll post more about that when the details are sorted.

This week will be all about recovery from the effects of hardly ever sleeping for several days in a row, talking all night every night and indulging in a few* recreational beverages, dancing with a dangerously enthusiastic fellow at the Shroud party on Saturday night, laughing to the wheezing point at outrageous tales delivered by James Hogan at the dead-dog party on Sunday night, and driving home for ten hours on Monday. My new cold made itself apparent yesterday. Today I'm doing business work that takes time but not a lot of creativity. I sent off a submission earlier this morning, and I'm about to withdraw a submission that's been at a market for well over a year, and send it somewhere else. I hate the thought of withdrawing it, but this has gone past reasonable delay. I'll be back to writing tomorrow!

*understatement of epic proportions
Tags: business, context, james hogan, shroud, writing

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