Nayad Monroe (nayad) wrote,
Nayad Monroe

That's it - I'm moving out of LiveJournal!

Okay, I haven't been posting. FAIR ENOUGH. My move to a different blog-o-spot won't change your life. But the spam around here is crazy, and I don't stop by much. I want to start anew with blogging.

Now that I'm on Google+ (I am! Join me if you're on it!), I have a link on my profile to my new space-for-blogging, Never Forget That Writers Are Insane, where I might remember to post, since I'll see the link and it will remind me. That's my plan. I know you're thinking "Yeah, RIGHT," but try to keep an open mind on this, willya? I mean, I'm only human and stuff.

I'm not prepared to go radical and delete this account; I will try to show up and link over to my posts for a while. Don't be alarmed.
Tags: blogging, moving out, new blog, reboot

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