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Steampunk Nayad #1

Not a typical day, but not a weird one, either

Today I'm working on answering author interview questions for those of us who have stories in Space Grunts.* I'm also re-reading Portable Childhoods, by Ellen Klages, so that I don't sit there with nothing to say at the panel about her fiction at WisCon.

The other thing on my agenda is to prepare a list of questions to discuss in the panel I'm moderating at WisCon, on the subject of the etiquette of self-promotion. If you have any thoughts on that subject, please know that I will appreciate any comments about what would be good to discuss. I have my own thoughts about it, but I don't want to miss anything.

In case you didn't see it at the awkward time I posted yesterday, I'm hoping that you'll go here and ask me a question.

Also, I've updated my list of favorite books, so if you're looking for something to read, there you go.

*That link goes to Amazon, but if you don't want to go there for any reason, Space Grunts is available at Powell's.